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Aspects of Accident Law

In the 30 years the firm has been resolving cases of accident law, we have accumulated a wide spectrum of experience in the legal and medical aspects of accidents.

We have won legal accident cases mostly in Spanish courts, but when the need has called for it, we’ve taken disputes to the European courts, reaching satisfactory conclusions.

Our team for this type of lawsuit comprises of an attorney covering the legal aspect, and a medical specialist, who not only evaluates the injuries and reflects his findings in the report which will be presented at court, but also monitors the client´s follow up care.

Our experience covers the following type of accident lawsuits:

Road Traffic Accidents

  1. Insurance Claims & Adjusters
  2. Road Traffic Accident Settlement
  3. Insurance company’s liability and fault
  4. Types of Road Traffic Accident Compensation
  5. Application of the new injury scales in the settlements

Work Accident Injury Claims

  1. Injury Responsibility
  2. Defective or dangerous machinery
  3. Slips or trips on debris or dangerous surfaces
  4. Injuries involving lifting or manual handling
  5. Exposure to harmful and dangerous substances (including asbestos and chemicals)
  6. Vibration induced injuries
  7. Repetitive strain injury
  8. Stress at work
  9. The new injury scales and how they are applied to the injury compensation coverage

Slip, Trip and Fall Injuries

  1. Third party responsability
  2. Accidents on roads and pavements
  3. Accidents in shops
  4. Accidents in other places

Wrongful Death

If you would like us to represent you in an accident you may have suffered; the following link gives you a list of information that will be useful for you to bring with you so that we can assess your case.

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