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New Office Location

New offices in the centre of Granada, their location is in Campo Verde Plaza, 3-2ºA at the start of Alhóndiga street perpendicular to Recogidas street. The building is on the córner where the Andalucia autónomos police are stationed. And we are facing the “Puerta Bernina” cafeteria.

Car travel

Coming by car, the best parking solution is to use the Hotel Victoria underground carpark being probably the nearest. On exiting the car park turn right and cross the road (“Recogidas”) and enter “Alhóndiga”.  This is the street which has the cinema/night club Aliatar on the left hand corner. Passing the Deutsche Bank you’ll find a plaza to the right, the office name sign is located on the wall to the left of the entrance to the building.

Bus Service

Other ways of getting to the office is vía the new “LAC” buses. These pass along Recogidas St. both ways every 5 minutes and are adapted for wheelchairs. You can buy a bus pass in most “estancos – tabaco shops” for a number trips and it results more economical. The bus pass can be re-used and topped up in all the machines that are located at the “LAC” bus stops.

Taxi Service

A good method to travel around Granada is using the Taxi service. Its not expensive and if you have a wheel chair you can call and ask for a Eurotaxi. These taxies are adapted in order to facilitate their use by persons with limited mobility. The advantage they also have is that like the buses can travel on roads that are prohibited to private road users. The phone and web service of the two taxi companies in Granada are Teletaxi and Radiotaxi.

We strongly advise to avoid coming by car along the Gran Vía and Recogidas main street´s as they have installed cameras in order to fine private traffic. Only public transport is allowed to pass through most of the center of the city.

Aerial view of the location of the new offices