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Preparing your will

As a responsable law firm we encouraged and advise all our clients, and particularly those resident in Spain from other countries, to execute a Spanish Last Will and Testament. At the same time conducting a full review of their affairs with particular emphasis on inheritance tax planning.

In a relaxed meeting we sit down with our clients and try to assess and understand their individual needs and situations. We then transfer onto a document the wishes of the client reflecting exactly how their estate should be distributed.

Spanish inheritance laws leave little room for a well documented testament to be claimed against. Considering that nothing divides a family quite like an inheritance claim. We therefore encourage our clients, in order to avoid these situations, to not delay in executing this document. The document will give them peace of mind and in the future avoid irreparable rifts within their families.

Wills are a common estate planning tool, and are usually the simplest device for planning the distribution of an estate. We therefore like to show our clients how important it is that it be created and executed in compliance with the laws of the jurisdiction where it is created.  It is important also to ensure that it complies with the laws of that jurisdiction.



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