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We specialize in all aspects of Spanish succession and inheritance law:

  • Inheritance & probate procedure
  • Compulsory or obligatory heirship rules
  • Intestacy rules
  • Obtaining Grant of Probate
  • Administration of estates including realisation of assets
  • Revocation of wills
  • Contentious matters involving disputed or defective wills

Probate cases typically fall into two categories:-

  1. Administering the estate of non-Spanish nationals where either the deceased or the beneficiary or indeed both reside outside of Spain but the sited assets are Spanish.
  2. Administering the estate where the deceased died having been domiciled in Spain but leaving assets in other jurisdictions e.g. GB, Ireland, Commonwealth, Jersey, Gibraltar, USA, etc.

Upon instruction we will:

  • * Advise in clear and precise terms the documentation required.
  • * Draft any required powers of attorney.
  • * Make arrangements with practising notaries outside of Spain to witness the execution of any required powers of attorney.
  • * Advise how and where to have documents legalised/apostilled.
  • * Arrange translations of English documents into Spanish and Spanish documents into English.
  • * Prepare and arrange the execution of the Spanish probate deed (escritura de aceptación y adjudicación de herencia).
  • * Apply for NIE/tax numbers and register same with the tax office.
  • * Complete and file inheritance tax returns.
  • * Pay municipal “plusvalía” taxes.
  • * Re-register all property and assets in the names of the beneficiaries.
  • * Make arrangements for property to be sold.
  • * Make arrangements for accounts or investements to be closed/sold.
  • * Remit net proceeds of estate to beneficiaries.
  • * Administer estates.

In the case of estates being probated in other jurisdictions:

  • * Liase with local lawyers if required.
  • * Prepare powers of attorney.
  • * Prepare affidavits or Certificates of law.
  • * Arrange translation of documents
  • * Prepare any required oaths or affidavits.
  • * Request grant of probate or letters of administration.
  • * Administer the estate.